Sunday, 21 May 2017

Samlesbury Hall Dog Show

Samlesbury Hall is a great place to visit with young kiddos.

There's no entry fee so you don't feel obliged to stay all day and get your money's worth.

There's lots of little things to see so it's easy to move onto something else and avoid a bored toddler.

There's a small farm with chickens, sheep, pigs and goats.  A beekeeper's hut where you can taste honey and buy some exceedingly scrummy fudge.  An adventure playground and formal gardens.  Then there's the house itself which has brilliantly entertaining tours.

They make their money from the cafe so you aren't allowed to bring a picnic but the food is very good so I can't complain.

Today we popped along for their annual Dog Show.  It was fun entering our pup and catching up with some of his old friends from SASD.  He didn't win but Little Miss was very pleased with her participation rosette.

Little Miss also had a fab time playing in the adventure playground.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Dufex Pyramage Christmas Card

A quick and easy christmas card to help me get ahead.

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Burda 9424 Romper in Red Brushed Cotton Sewing Project

These overalls are just too freaking adorable!!  

They were nice and easy to make too.  

You can see my inspiration in the bottom left hand corner, I had that image in my head when I came across this fabric on offer at Abakhan.  

I'm sort of following view A but I've skipped the contrasting turn ups because I don;t like them.

Press and top stitch the pocket top.

Press the edges to the inside and tack (baste) in place.  I often skip tacking steps but I've learnt that for neat pockets it's well worth spending the time tacking the edges to keep them even.  

The the pocket is top stitched in place and the tacking stitching removed.  

Facings finished with the overlocker then sewn onto pant fronts.

Then the side seam.

Leaving the top part open.  

Then the inner leg seams.

One leg is turned right side out and put inside the other to stitch the crotch seam.  

The bib front goes on next.  

Then the back.

Fold, press and stitch the underlaps.  I've nipped off the corner so that I get a neater finish when I turn them right side out.  

Sen in place on the pant back.  

Straps, folded, pressed and seamed.

Turned and pressed.  

Stitched to the back bib.  

The front bib lining bottom is finished and pressed up, like a hem.  Then stitched onto the front bib piece, right sides together.  

Turned right sides out.  

The same treatment for the back bib which I appear to have neglected to photograph - whoops.

Ankles finished on the overlocker, turned and top stitched in place.  

I stitched an extra two buttons further up the straps to make this fit Little Miss a bit better as it's a touch on the big side as yet.  

How gorgeous is my Little Miss putting the overalls through their paces.  

Here are the linky parties I'm joining with this project:

Have a fab weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Love Story Mother's Day Card

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Here's the sketch from Tuesday Morning Sketches:

WeeMonkey Boys Birthday Card

Here's my card for today, a super simple design for a little boy.  

There's an annoying song I keep coming across about monkeys jumping on beds.  There's one particular line "mum called the doctor and the doctor said no more monkeys jumping on the bed".  The doctor's voice is exaggerated, implying the pointing finger that goes with it.  

I can't get the darn thing out of my head!!!

What was wrong with nice, simple old fashioned nursery rhymes?  

I like to decorate the inside too:

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Here's the sketch from Sketch Saturday: